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  • Saying Goodbye to Miette and Introducing Crumb

    Saying Goodbye to Miette and Introducing Crumb

    Miette is retiring! This may come as a surprise, but I’ve been planning it for a few years. At the end of this year, December 31, 2018, Miette will no longer be available for download. I’m sure that will be disappointing for some of you, and that’s why I wanted to provide plenty of notice […]

  • Tierney – A Summer Cardigan Pattern

    Tierney – A Summer Cardigan Pattern

    Once upon a time, my mom bought me two cotton cardigans– one orange and one yellow– and they quickly became staples of my wardrobe. Even after I moved to a cooler climate, I still pulled them out every spring and summer because they were the perfect light layering pieces. Well, those cardigans are well over […]

  • Introducing Adiantum

    Introducing Adiantum

    Designs often go through a number of variations in my sketchbook before I ever pick up my knitting needles, and typically that process helps me narrow down to the single best version, but sometimes it’s hard to choose just one version. And so sometimes I choose not to make that decision! That was the case […]

  • Julgran – A Christmas Pullover

    Julgran – A Christmas Pullover

    It’s so hard to figure out when the right time is to release a Christmas sweater pattern! I love Halloween and American Thanksgiving, so I don’t like the idea of talking about Christmas stuff before it, but when it comes to knitting, that can be necessary. Now is the ideal time to cast on a […]

  • Anaheim – A New Cardigan Pattern

    Anaheim – A New Cardigan Pattern

    Last summer one of my close friends told me that she had never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I immediately thought, “Well, we better fix that right now!” Every Monday after that, I’d make dinner and we’d watch a few episodes of Buffy. Like most knitters, we enjoyed all of the goofy 90s sweaters […]