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I’ve written a lot of post on knitting sweaters over the years, and many of them could be helpful if you’d like to modify your Vianne or if you get stuck at any point. Here they are in one handy place!






4 responses to “Vianne Resources”

  1. Janice

    Thanks, Andi!

  2. Wow,
    thanks for the round up of tutorials, its always a pain when you know you have seen a tutorial somewhere but cant put your finger on where to find it.
    I’m going to bookmark this page right now!

  3. Anne

    Wow! I have just discovered your blog through Pinterest! I love it! I have been reading about the OAL and would love to join in! I will do my best to get caught up! I bought the knitting pattern from ravelry and got my yarn! I have a very busy family weekend to get ready for, but I will begin on Monday. I am very confident I can get caught up as long as my gauge doesn’t give me any problems. I’m not so great at figuring how to compensate if it is off. I’m very excited to begin! I also bought the sewing pattern and fabric. That project will definitely be challenging for me, but I can’t wait to give it a try! Is there a. Place that I am supposed to “sign up”??? Is there a place to post pictures of yarn, fabric, progress etc? I have never participated in anything like this before and I am not sure how it works. Can I ask questions?

    1. Here’s the post with all of the details: You can hang out and chat in the Untangling Knots group on Ravelry.

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