• Vertical Button Hole

    I have to admit that I almost never think about the direction my button hole is orientated in knitting. I always think about it on the rare occasions that I sew (because I have trouble deciding which way they should be), but for some reason it never crosses my mind when I knit. The Vertical […]

  • Increase Button Hole

    This is one of those techniques where I read the instructions and think, “Weird.” Naturally those always make it on my list of things to try. The Increase Button Hole is made by binding off a bunch of stitches and then working a couple YOs after the BO. On the next row you drop the […]

  • One Row Button Hole

    I love this button hole. It’s a bit like the Basic Button hole in that you BO stitches and you CO stitches, but all of that happens in one row so the button hole doesn’t gape. It’s also reinforced so it’s a bit sturdier. The button hole is a little rigid, but I think that’s […]

  • Standard Button Hole

    The Standard Button Hole might have been the first button hole you learned. It’s pretty easy and rather obvious. You bind off a few stitches in one row and you cast them back on in the next row. Easy, but not the best method ever. The button hole it makes is big and gaping. I […]

  • Eyelet Button Holes

    The Eyelet Button Hole tends to be my go-to button hole. It’s tiny and unobtrusive so it’s nice for cardigans that might be worn unbuttoned. It’s simple to work (k2tog + yo) and can be accomplished in one row. It makes a nice small button hole so it’s handy when working with a larger gauge […]