Vertical Button Hole

I have to admit that I almost never think about the direction my button hole is orientated in knitting. I always think about it on the rare occasions that I sew (because I have trouble deciding which way they should be), but for some reason it never crosses my mind when I knit.


The Vertical Button Hole is worked by using two different balls of yarn. My swatch looks a bit like my beginner attempts at intarsia from before I knew what intarsia was called. You make a new stitch when you start working on the left side of the button hole and decrease it away at the end to keep the top and bottom from getting too loose. Stitches are slipped along the edges so it doesn’t look too messy, but it’s not a very snug button hole.

This button hole has got me wondering if there are instances where I should have used a Vertical Button Hole instead of a horizontal one. I rarely see patterns using this button hole. Any thoughts on the matter?






2 responses to “Vertical Button Hole”

  1. When I pick up a button band on the edge of a cardigan (for example) the buttonholes end up being vertical. I do prefer this to horizontal buttonholes on a cardi although on a coat I think the reverse 🙂

  2. A-ha, what an interesting buttonhole! I tend to make horizontal buttonholes on knitted cardigans because… well, because I never think about it, either. 🙂 But I prefer vertical buttonholes whenever I make blouses or dresses, so maybe I should use this one.

    (Or do as mooncalf does, and pick up the buttonband so horizontal becomes vertical in the end.)

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