Me Made May Days 1-2

It’s May which means it’s time for Me Made May! Like last year, my goal for this year is to wear at least one handmade garment every day this month. I’ll be doing weekly outfit recaps on here with daily pictures on Instagram. It wasn’t as hard as I expected last year, and I have even more handmade garments than I did at this time last year, so you’d think it’d be a breeze, but this year I have a new element to the challenge. I now work part time in an office five days a week for a few hours. That means my outfits have to be work-appropriate, which limits my options quite a bit. The crop-tops will have to wait for the weekends!

Day01_01 Day02
Day 1: Hetty #2 + Simplicity 1803 – Day 2: Armande + Butterick 4685

Although I’m mostly planning on working with what I have, I’d like to try to get at least one dress sewn specifically to wear into work. I’ve been wearing a lot more separates lately because many of my dresses are too low cut to wear to work, and I miss being able to wear a different dress every day of the week. I’d also like to sew a new top to wear to work, but that might be a bit too much sewing to expect from myself since I also have another dress to finish.



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3 responses to “Me Made May Days 1-2”

  1. Outfit 1 is lovely. The Armande is looking good too. It looks cosy and warm.

  2. Tammy

    I absolutely love that dress and sweater, that looks work appropriate!

  3. Love Armande – exactly the type of cardigan I’ve been looking for! Hetty #2 looks great too. Gorgeous designs.

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