Simplicity 1803

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Despite a moment of panic when it appeared that I had lost my bodice, I managed to finish my dress this weekend! It’s my second dress ever, and it turned out better than my first, which was a bit of a surprise because I cut a major corner. I didn’t make a muslin, and I didn’t alter the fit at all. I just didn’t leave myself enough time to do that and complete my OAL outfit, so I crossed my fingers, cut out a size 14 in version B, and sewed it up without any changes other than moving the pockets to the side seams. It’s not a perfect fit, but it annoyingly fits better than my first dress where I did multiple muslins and modifications.

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My dress fits me like most ready-to-wear dresses fit. It’s a little tight through the bust and a little big through the waist. The bodice could also be an inch or half an inch longer. Nothing I’m not already used to. Overall I’m really happy with it.






15 responses to “Simplicity 1803”

  1. It looks fantastic! Nice job and cute fabric 🙂

  2. Constance

    This is gorgeous! I love the fabric.

  3. Dude, it turned out so cute!! Love that fabric 😀

  4. Tina

    Looks fantastic on you Andi! I love the fabric and the width of the shoulder straps. It hides the bra straps which do not look good when they are wider than the bodice straps.

  5. Tina

    Very sweet little dress, you are quite a seamstress, I hate sewing but can appreciate the good work of others.

  6. Super cute! I have similar fit issues in RTW, and am pleasantly surprised to see that you’re so happy with the standard fit of this pattern. Will have to hunt down the pattern for myself. 🙂

  7. Lisa S.

    Nice job. Can’t wait to see the next one. 😉

  8. Annie

    Nice dress although I don’t really understand why you did not alter it to fit you? You’ve made it before and knew what you need to make it fit your body and nobody else’s. Just give a little bit more room for the bust and for the waist and you’ll be happy 🙂

    1. You might want to reread the blog post. 😉 I’ve never made this dress before.

      1. Annie

        Oh, sorry – I kind of understood it differently. I think I mixed some other post from another blog minutes before about the same pattern. Well, the next one will be absolutely perfect 😀

  9. Tammy

    That dress is adorable!! I want one just like it!!

  10. This looks great on you! Love the fabric.

  11. It looks lovely! Great fabric choice!

  12. You did a great job, especially for only a second dress! You look terrific wearing the dress.

  13. Love the dress!

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