Christmas Sweater Update #6


I quickly seamed up my three finished sweater pieces on my Christmas sweater, and sadly, my sleeve is too short as I suspected. It’s only maybe half an inch too short to be passable, and two inches shorter than I’d like. I can actually pull it down to a passable length, but then I lose the puff in my puffed sleeve. I’m adding two inches to my second sleeve, and I’ll have to add two inches to this one. I used crochet to seam my sweater so it should be pretty painless to remove my sleeve and rip back.





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  1. This is looking SO cute, though! I love it with the high-waisted pants! Now I’m regretting not joining your KAL…

  2. Your version looks fabulous. Much better than the version on the pattern cover. Have you changed the sleeve cap on yours?

    1. No, the pattern includes two different sleeve cap styles. I went with the gathered, puff sleeve.

  3. Constance

    This is gorgeous. Red is perfect for your complexion. Your high-waisted pants are the best! If you don’t mind my asking, where did you find them?

    1. They’re from Goodwill! I found them when the weather was still warm out, so I think fewer people were hunting for high-waist, wool pants.

      1. Constance


  4. Beth

    Looking fabulous!
    I agree with Katy – yours does look much better than the cover.
    How do you find the time to do so much? You must fall into bed exhausted every night.
    Op-shops are usually full of high-waisted pants as they are out of fashion. A lovely thing for we curvy girls who look dreadful in anything less tailored, as we can get a wardrobe full for next to nothing, lol.

    1. Well, I’ve been working on this one over a year! It started off as a slow and steady project.

  5. Kaeleigh

    And now I just wish I’d started up a Christmas sweater! Looks really good 🙂 Especially with the pants!

  6. it looks so cute so far! A shame about it being a touch short (maybe it’s bracelet length sleeves instead?” But you are such a wonderfully detail oriented knitter, I’m sure ripping back and getting it exactly the way you wnat will feel much more satisfying.

    1. The sleeves are meant to be full length, but I’m a bit on the tall side, and I forgot that I’m knitting a smaller size than the pattern recommends.

  7. Carly

    This is really lovely! It’s going to look so great when it’s finished, and a real lovely piece to have as part of one’s wardrobe.
    I started my Perfect Christmas Jumper too late to be able to sensibly get it done in time for Christmas, so I have decided to work on it slowly until Christmas 2015. How did you find the reindeer section? I am a little bit reluctant to start into the fairisle parts for the legs and having to change to intarsia for the bodies, and back to fairisle for the antlers. But I am probably over-thinking it a bit and should just get stuck in!

    1. I used separate balls so I didn’t have long red floats showing through the large white section, but the floats in the middle of the two reindeer when you’re working the legs are longer than what you’d have if you kept things stranded for their bodies. None of the reindeer section is proper fair isle, though, and if I did it again, I’d probably knit all of the reindeer using intarsia techniques. I think I would have had tidier edges around my reindeer if I did that.

  8. Oooh. This is looking sooo good!

  9. Hilary

    This is gorgeous Andi, well done. Just love those reindeer! Good luck with re-doing sleeve, always find three-quarter length drive me mad, so chilly round the wrists. But maybe that’s what wrist-warmers are for!

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