Christmas Sweater Update #2


When I did my last sweater update, I wasn’t quite on track with the schedule I made for myself, but today I am! I was supposed to finish the back, and I did. It’s still on my needles because you’re supposed to leave the stitches for both the neckband and the shoulders live, but it’s all done!


The back was a little more challenging to knit than I anticipated because a lot of the instructions told you to knit until this or that part of the back was the same length as the front, and, well, I haven’t knit the front yet! I should have read the pattern a little more closely before diving in. I ended up trying to add up all of the rows and make the front match the back, but there were a few instances where I had to rip back because I wasn’t paying enough attention to either my notes or the pattern. I got a little too enthusiastic knitting the upper back, and just flew past the point where I was supposed to divide for the buttons. I didn’t want to completely rip back, so I decided that doing three buttons instead of four would look nice and only ripped back a little bit. One piece down and three left to knit!





3 responses to “Christmas Sweater Update #2”

  1. What a great shade of red! Great job on catching back up to your goal, too. I often suffer from the slippery slope of just getting further behind when that kind of thing happens to me, I envy your perseverance.

  2. paulette

    I love the look of your yarn. If the front of the pattern is as delicious as the back, you may end up with a marvelous keeper sweater to enjoy for years. I love sweaters sitting in the closet that call the wearer to anticipate the coming season. I look forward to your next post.

  3. Elizabeth

    I like that you made a goal to make a sweater in a year’s time. That’s probably how long it would take me. 🙂 I’m going to give it a try using your idea for doing things one month at a time. Love the color you chose. I love red. 🙂

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