A Green Hat


I gave the pattern sample for my easy beanie to my cousin who modeled it for me, and then I got to thinking about how nice my other cousin, his brother, had been to me this past year, especially when I hit a few rough patches like when my car broke down outside my Aunt and Uncle’s house. So I decided to offer to make him a hat, too.


I briefly considered making it a surprise because it was a Christmas present, but I wasn’t sure if he’d be interested in a hand knit hat, so I asked. I’m glad I did because he requested lime green, and I would never have guessed that! The yarn is Hikoo SimpliWorsted, and it’s a very nice acrylic, nylon, and wool blend. My cousin says he wears it a lot, so I think it was a pretty successful gift.







2 responses to “A Green Hat”

  1. Wow what a color! 🙂 There’s just something so fun about hand knitted gifts.

  2. This hat looks great and comfy! Knitting one gift always leads to others!!!

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