A Cropped Sweater for Winter


When the editor I work with at Tuts+ mentioned that they’d like me to write a sweater pattern for them, I was pretty excited about it because I had been wanting to have a resource to show people who were having a hard time visualizing how my favorite seamless construction comes together. It felt like it might be out of place on this blog because most of you are fairly skilled crafters, but Tuts+’s beginner-friendly, step-by-step photo format was perfect for it!


A Cropped Sweater for Winter is a simple, seamless, cropped pullover with some stranded colorwork details. If it looks a little familiar, that’s because it was inspired by the sweater I knit myself last Christmas. I had a few requests for a pattern for that sweater, but I had been experimenting with a different seamless construction on that sweater, and I didn’t love the results. I didn’t want to knit the same sweater again, but I liked the overall look so I came up with something similar for this pattern. Instead of triangles, I decided to use scallops because I can’t resist them, and I went with 3/4 length sleeves and a deeper neckline. It’s perfect for layering over summer dresses to get some extra wear out of them in colder weather. The pattern is free on Tuts+, and you can add it to your Ravelry queue here.

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8 responses to “A Cropped Sweater for Winter”

  1. I love this so much that I immediately went out and bought yarn for it last week. Those colors are perfect! As soon as I finish the sweater that’s currently on my needles (soon!), it won’t be long til there are two of us running around Seattle in identical sweaters…

  2. I totally love this sweater! It’s definitely going on my queue! It’s beautiful and my exact style! You did a great job, Andi!

  3. Yes! It’s definitely going in my queue, too. A classic, feminine sweater!

  4. Beautiful! The step by step will be awesome – thanks!

  5. I love it!!!! This might just have to be my very first sweater. I really appreciate the directions for newbies. Thank you! 🙂

  6. LOVE IT! I’ve been needing a cropped pullover or two to compliment all of my dresses and high-waisted skirts!

  7. such a great sweater! You’ve really been on a roll lately!

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