Category: Free Pattern

  • An Easy Baby Blanket

    I knit a blanket! It might just be a baby blanket, but blankets are one of those projects that I never though I’d knit. I couldn’t imagine having the patience to get through one, but Tuts+ asked me to do an easy baby blanket pattern to go with their knitting tutorials for beginners, so I […]

  • Armande Rerelease

    After Armande came out of its exclusivity period, I started working on putting together a PDF version of the pattern that is in my usual writing style, and it’s finally done! Although I still wouldn’t call it a beginner-friendly pattern, I think this version will be a bit easier for knitters who need a little more […]

  • New Free Pattern on Tuts+ – A Cabled Bracelet

    With its big, chunky cable, this bracelet was super quick to make, and it’s a fun opportunity to play with hardware. I used a Jul closure that I picked up at Tolt in January, and it was really easy to attach to my knitting without any special tools. But for adventurous crafters, I think this […]

  • New Free Pattern: Reversible Cable Scarf

    I forgot to share my new pattern on Tuts+ here! It’s for a reversible cable scarf that matches the convertible mittens I designed for them. This was the first true scarf I’ve knit in a long time. I can’t even remember when I last made one, but I used to knit scarves all the time. […]

  • New Free Pattern: A Bulky Cowl

    I’ve got a new free pattern up on Tuts+! It’s for a super bulky alpaca a cowl, and it’s the perfect quick project to knock out before Winter ends. I keep thinking about Spring, but it’s still cold out! This cowl has been keeping me nice and cozy. You can find the pattern on Tuts+, […]