Armande Rerelease



After Armande came out of its exclusivity period, I started working on putting together a PDF version of the pattern that is in my usual writing style, and it’s finally done! Although I still wouldn’t call it a beginner-friendly pattern, I think this version will be a bit easier for knitters who need a little more detail. You can download the PDF on Ravelry for free.







4 responses to “Armande Rerelease”

  1. Tina

    Thank you , I have added this to my favorites list, it’s a keeper, want mine in a real vibrant dark blue, very neat.

  2. Well, there goes my planning 🙂 It seems like I’ll have to squeeze in this sweater to have it ready as soon as possible 😀

  3. so beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  4. Janet

    Thank you for this free pattern, Andi. I knitted the rereleased Armande and I love it!

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