Wrapped in Wool: The Accessories

I thought it would be fun to put together a little video showing you a bit more about the accessories from Wrapped in Wool and how they’re constructed. In order of appearance, I’m talking about the Bernadine Cowl, the Ethel Beret, the Aida Mitts, and the Delilah Cowl.





3 responses to “Wrapped in Wool: The Accessories”

  1. What a cute video! You did such a good job. I would get so nervous and look like a total moron, but you’re very articulate.

    The more I look at the Delilah Cowl the more I love it. I think I have to make one in exactly the same colors.

  2. They look really lovely and I like happy colors for winter. Who said that we can only wear dark and boring colors for cold weather?

    Thank you for the video, you look adorable showing us your new collection 🙂

  3. Theresa

    It’s so much easier to see the detail when they’re being worn/moved. I just love your colour choices, so cheerful and bright., it’s lovely how all the pieces go together but don’t match too closely. I loved seeing the back of your Bernadine Cowl, it’s so neat!

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