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  • Beginning to Plan A Sweater From Scratch

    Beginning to Plan A Sweater From Scratch

    1. Pick out your yarn. I recommend using a worsted weight yarn if you’re going to design your own sweater for the Seamless Set-in Sleeve KAL You will have extra prep-work and set-backs, so a heavier yarn is best if you want to meet the deadline. To figure out roughly how much yarn you’ll need,…

  • How to Knit Without Looking

    I originally learned how to knit without looking so I could knit while I read books, but it’s proven itself to be a skill that’s useful in a lot of situations. It nice to be able to maintain eye contact while talking and knitting or to watch movies in the dark. I often get asked…

  • And the Winner Is…


  • Wrapped in Wool: The Accessories

    I thought it would be fun to put together a little video showing you a bit more about the accessories from Wrapped in Wool and how they’re constructed. In order of appearance, I’m talking about the Bernadine Cowl, the Ethel Beret, the Aida Mitts, and the Delilah Cowl.

  • A Vlog on My Sweater Sleeve Mistake

    I finished knitting the first sleeve on this cardigan, but I had to frog it. I’m not having the most successful week ever when it comes to crafting, but it’s not the end of the world.