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  • Wrapped in Wool: The Accessories

    I thought it would be fun to put together a little video showing you a bit more about the accessories from Wrapped in Wool and how they’re constructed. In order of appearance, I’m talking about the Bernadine Cowl, the Ethel Beret, the Aida Mitts, and the Delilah Cowl.

  • Wrapped in Wool: The Geraldine Pullover

    I’m always grumbling about how I need more pullovers, and I’m really looking forward to wearing my Geraldine Pullover this fall. This sweater is somewhere halfway in between cropped and full length. It’s slightly longer than waist length so it hits at the perfect point to be worn with high waisted skirts and pants. For […]

  • Wrapped in Wool: A Collection of Five Colowork Patterns

    I’m excited to present the colorwork collection I put together this summer! As an obsessed knitter, I wanted to pay tribute to my love for all things wonderfully woolly, and when I began doodling up charts, I realized that I couldn’t decide if they should go on a sweater, or a hat, or a cowl. […]

  • Weaving in Ends

    I have such a love/hate relationship with color work. I love designing it, and when I’m working the rows leading up to it, I can’t wait to get started on it. But once I get a few rows in, I start feeling a little grumbly about it all. It’s slow going, and I really have […]

  • Getting Everything on the Needles

    I’m still working on my little pattern collection. I recently finished writing five of the patterns, and I got a little over enthusiastic about starting them. I now have 4/5 of the projects on the needles or done. It’s good progress, but now I find myself trying to brainstorm a sixth pattern to round out […]