Body Complete


I finished my sweater body this weekend. It seems like it went surprisingly quickly, but I dragged this thing with me everywhere I went and was knitting on it every second I got. It doesn’t look like much without the collar because the fronts keep rolling inside. I had a small moment of panic when I first tried it on because it rolled in a way that made it look like the fronts were going to wrap around the sides of my boobs instead of forming a nice deep V over them, but thankfully, that was just a result of stockinette curl, and the collar should fix that. I’m going to start the collar later today so I can be sure that everything lays the way it should, and that also will allow me to see exactly how much yarn I’ll have left to do the sleeves. I like the challenge of working with yarn that I can’t run out and buy more of, but it does make me nervous at times! I don’t want to run out with 1/4 of a sleeve left to knit.






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  1. Elisabet

    If I am unsure of how much yarn I have left, i usually divide it into two piles. What would a knitter do without the kitchen scales.

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