Nice Smooth Stockinette


I finished redoing the upper back of my sweater this weekend, and it looks a thousand times better. It’s nice and smooth, as it should be. I also managed to finish reading my book this weekend. I mostly just read it on Sundays when I’m hanging out with family at my uncle’s dad’s house or when I’m on an airplane, so it took me quite awhile to get through it, but it was a fun read. I’ll have to find a new murder mystery for next Sunday!






6 responses to “Nice Smooth Stockinette”

  1. That book looks super fun! And the knitting definitely looks smoother 😉

  2. The knitting looks great! I also really like the artwork on your book cover.

    1. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t what attracted me to the book!

  3. I’ve considered reading “The Affair of the Blood Stained Tea Cosy.” How was it? Worth the read?

    1. I liked it! It’s a fun, straight forward, period murder mystery. There’s very little depth or nuance to it, but it’s a good bit of fluff.

  4. Lisa S.

    Why not just call him your almost-grandfather, or Frank? 😀

    Lisa S. in Seattle

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