I mentioned a while back that I was making my green cardigan because I realized that if I knit a green sweater, I’d have a rainbow of cropped sweaters. I don’t know why I found that so amusing, but I did so I made the sweater, and here is the little rainbow!Β It took a few years to get all of these made because, for the most part, it wasn’t a conscious thing. I just like color!


In order, we have Veronica, the first sweater I really designed. It was kind of a flop so I never published a pattern. I’m actually planning on frogging it this weekend. Next we have my favorite blue cardigan. It was just a quick and dirty raglan. I posted about the green cardigan fairly recently. And you’re probably fairly familiar with the last three! There’s Marion, Chuck, and Miette. Now that I’ve done this, I find myself thinking about if I can do a little rainbow with just cardigans and one with all pullovers. We’ll see!


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