A Sweater Rainbow


I mentioned a while back that I was making my green cardigan because I realized that if I knit a green sweater, I’d have a rainbow of cropped sweaters. I don’t know why I found that so amusing, but I did so I made the sweater, and here is the little rainbow!Β It took a few years to get all of these made because, for the most part, it wasn’t a conscious thing. I just like color!


In order, we have Veronica, the first sweater I really designed. It was kind of a flop so I never published a pattern. I’m actually planning on frogging it this weekend. Next we have my favorite blue cardigan. It was just a quick and dirty raglan. I posted about the green cardigan fairly recently. And you’re probably fairly familiar with the last three! There’s Marion, Chuck, and Miette. Now that I’ve done this, I find myself thinking about if I can do a little rainbow with just cardigans and one with all pullovers. We’ll see!





17 responses to “A Sweater Rainbow”

  1. Aw, gorgeous! I want my own rainbow of sweaters now!

  2. I need a rainbow of cropped sweaters in my life!! So awesome.

  3. Constance

    LOVE!! I am currently working on my own rainbow of sweaters. Pure inspiration!!

  4. I am currently creating my own rainbow of cardigans πŸ™‚ I would love to knit Veronica, if you would make her available. She’s pretty πŸ™‚

  5. I love the sweater rainbow!!!!

  6. Very pretty rainbow πŸ™‚ Like Sarah, I think the Veronica knit is stunning I would have loved to make one.

  7. Alison

    I love Veronica! It’s too bad that it was a flop because I always wanted a pattern for it. Beautiful sweaters all around though πŸ™‚

  8. Yes, I love this! I have to force myself to make things in neutral colors, too. But now, look at your’s, I’m thinking “Why would I even try?!”

  9. Elisabet

    Oh so pretty! Impressive that you actually wear all those colours also! But I agree that the “Veronica” sweater looks a bit funny, but it is a sign that you have evolved!

  10. I’m ALWAYS making things in bright colors! Love the rainbow!

  11. Hooray for a sweater rainbow!! they look amazing all together like that, for sure.

  12. Manny

    Why are you frogging Veronica when you’ve just completed your rainbow? Are you planning to make another purple sweater?

    1. Yep! I’m going to use the yarn to make something I’ll actually wear.

  13. That’s awesome! The rainbow looks really good πŸ™‚

  14. Awesome! More rainbows to the people! πŸ˜€

  15. so gorgeous! i love rainbows πŸ™‚

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