Game Knitting to Legally Blonde




On Friday nights, a cafe in my neighborhood does movie nights, and a bunch of my friends and I go hang out and knit. Last Friday, the movie was Legally Blonde, and because we were all familiar with it, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a little game knitting! Game knitting is a pattern/game by Lee Meredith, and it works a bit like a drinking game. You make a list of things that happen in the movie, and every time you see one of those things on screen, you do something. For this hat I just switched from knitting to purling, and I love the effect. I started the ribbing while we were hanging out before the movie started, and I managed to get this whole hat knit in one sitting.






12 responses to “Game Knitting to Legally Blonde”

  1. That is an awesome idea! The texture looks great 🙂

  2. Man I can’t believe I haven’t tried game knitting! This isn’t even the first I’ve heard of it!

  3. This is such a fun idea! Definitely going to try this next time I’m out watching a movie! What were the things you were looking out for?

    1. We had a big list, a lot of which came from drinking games we found online. Some of the more memorable items were Elle having conversations with her dog and “Pooh Bear.”

  4. I love your hat. This is my first time hearing of game knitting. I am going to try it!!!

  5. haha what a fun idea!

  6. This is super awesome! Oh, man, now I wish EVEN MORE that I was in your area and could hang with your knitting group!

  7. Oh wow, never knew that game knitting really existed but wow looks awesome. Now just to make friends with people my age that knit.

  8. That is such a cool idea!! Awesome hat. I was about to ask where you got the pattern, but now I see it was a game (which is even more awesome!!).

  9. This is a great textured hat, and the knitting game sounds very fun! what were the triggers that had you moving from garter to stockinette?

  10. Meg thompson

    Is you hat knitted in the round or is there a seam hidden somewhere? It is a perfect fit for you, very nice

    1. It’s knit in the round.

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