Cream Cowl


This is pretty much identical to my grey cowl, but I knit it out of Rowan Big Wool. It took two skeins and I have quite a bit leftover. I probably should have added an extra repeat because the loft of the yarn make it hang quite differently when twisted than the alpaca and I think it needs the extra length.


I told my sister she could have it because I have a Big Wool cowl and I have a cowl in this stitch pattern, but now I’m wishing I didn’t because I love this stitch pattern in all yarns. I might need to get some chunky yarn and make myself one like this, but we’re having some strangely warm and sunny weather and I have lighter knits on the brain. I know the sunny weather is going to disappear soon, but I’m tempted to put away my worsted weight cabled pull over and start something in a finer yarn.







4 responses to “Cream Cowl”

  1. I like! Love a chunky knit. 🙂 x

  2. When did cowls become more popular than scarves!? But I love ’em. No loose ends!

  3. It looks beautiful! It also looks like it’s warm wherever you are!

  4. wow! that stitch is mind blowing!

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