Grey Cowl


I love Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande for knitting cowls, but the stuff is expensive so I limit myself to one skein cowls. Alpaca cowls are perfect for WA weather because the damp cold doesn’t demand heavy wool like the wind did in Lancaster. Light and airy cowls are warm enough.


I’m shocked that I got a cowl this long out of one skein. I had been wanting to knit a long alpaca cowl, but I didn’t think I could do it without using more than one skein of yarn. I love all of the options my bulky wool cowl  gives me. It’s nice to wear untwisted and long when I’m inside because it still keeps my neck warm without being too hot. The bulk that it offers when twisted is cuddly, but my wool cowl is a little heavy for what I need on an average day. I’m happy that I managed to knit my new cowl using so little yarn.


I think this stitch pattern is where the magic lies. I modified a traditional corona pattern to be reversible (I hate worrying about the direction). I weighed my swatch and it was surprisingly light. I did the math and realized that I had enough yarn to make a long cowl if I used every scrap in the skein. I crossed my fingers that my math was telling the truth and I started knitting. It worked out perfectly!


I’m really happy with how this project turned out. My cowl is just what I wanted.







6 responses to “Grey Cowl”

  1. Amy

    That is GORGEOUS!!!!! Pattern please?????

    1. Andi

      Thanks! I’ve got a sort of pattern in progress, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.

  2. lovely! it looks so airy yet cozy. i knit a shrug with that yarn and it was dense. very nice cowl.

  3. It’s really lovely! And getting such a great accessory out of one skein of yarn is awesome!

  4. Hilary

    Beautiful cowl. The stitches and shaping are so unique. I hope you make it available.

  5. anne

    so perfect!!! oh!!!!
    please! Would LOVE to make this!

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