Necessity Knitting

I love my drapey lacey alpaca cowls. They’re perfect to keep my neck and chest warm and dry in drizzly Tacoma rain. Unfortunately when it comes to Lancaster wind, they’re sort of useless. I was in dire need of new neck wear.


I was a bit envious of the bulky long cowl I made for my sister so I ordered some Rowan Big Wool and made myself one! The yarn came in the mail and the same day that I picked it up, I knit up this cowl. I love one day knits. I made mine a bit shorter and a bit wider than Britta’s.


It’s long enough to wrap around my neck twice, but it doesn’t hang as low as Britta’s. I bought extra yarn because I knew that I wanted mine to be wider, but I didn’t end up needing it because making the cowl a little bit shorted saved me A LOT of yardage. I think my cowl ended up being 8.5 inches wide and 50 inches around and I only used two balls.


I was watching A Very Long Engagement the other night and started studying this long mustard colored cardigan that Mathilde wears for most of the movie. The stitch pattern looked like it was reversible because the collar folded back and looked really similar to the cardigan front. I paused the movie and studied the stitches and this is what I decided the stitch pattern is. It seemed like a good choice for this cowl because it looks good on both sides. I quite like it.


I’m pretty pleased with my cowl. It’s not buttery soft like my alpaca ones, but it is really warm and cozy and protects me from the wind.

In other news, I’m going to York tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving (It’s one of my favorite holidays.) at my Aunt’s house. I can’t decide which sweater to bring to work on during the train ride. Audrey in Unst or that other one? What do you think?






8 responses to “Necessity Knitting”

  1. Audrey! Mine is definitely headed for the frog pond, maybe to be reknit in another yarn, so I’m living vicariously through yours.

    1. Oh no! Was it definitely way too big? That sucks.

      1. About 3 or 4 inches. I’ve been alternating skeins so ripping is going to suuuuck. Yours looks gorgeous though!

  2. I’m going to vote for “that other one” but mostly just because I want to see what it looks like finished 😀

  3. I second the above post, I want to see what “that other one” looks like completed!
    Also, going to york, make sure you pop into Ramshambles if you haven’t before, they have some gorgeous Yorkshire sheep home dyed yarn, here is the Ravelry page:—the-york-wool-shop
    Have a great day, I hope the weather isn’t too bad for you!!

  4. Looks so cozy and warm- love it!!

  5. looks nice and cosy! thank for sharing the pattern i have made a note and will be trying it out. I vote the other one to!

    have a good trip

  6. Lordy that looks so scrumptious!


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