Row Below Increase

I have to say that these increases keep surprising me. Unlike the Stretchy BOs and Stretchy COs, the majority of these increases are as subtle as advertised. I’m starting to think that when it comes to these increases and stockinette, you can just pick the one that is your favorite to work. I was pretty pleased with today’s increase, the Row Below increase.rb1

The Row Below increase is easy to work and it seem to be about as noticeable as the M1. It does slightly distort the stitch in the row below that you use to make your increase. It makes it appear as if one leg was slipped because it looks twice as tall as the stitches next to it. I feel like that is the sort of thing you only notice when you’re studying a knit very closely so that’s not a deal breaker for me. Like the M1, this increase can slant to the left or right so it works nicely in pairs, but the direction is a little more obvious and easier to control because you simply switch the order of the regular knit stitch and the stitch knit in the row to change the direction. I’m






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  1. Lisa S.

    Where it starts to make a difference which increase you use (and how you use it) is with paired increases. I’ll have to take some pictures to demonstrate, I guess.

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