• Alternate Cabled Cast On Method

    I’ve never been particularly fond of the Cabled Cast On. My stitches always seemed to be too tight or too sloppy after I had gotten 3 or 4 stitches in. Because of that I didn’t expect to like the Alternate Cabled Cast On, but I thought that I should give it a try anyways. It […]

  • Channel Island Cast On Method

    If you ever decide to try this cast on method, I don’t recommend using The Knitter’s Handbook to figure it out. The abbreviated explanation given in the book had me baffled so I ended up using this tutorial from Knit Picks. I didn’t love this cast on method, but there weren’t any major problems with […]

  • Yarn Over or Provisional Tubular Cast On Method

    I picked this cast on method to try next because the directions looked weird to me and I like weird things. The finished cast on edge isn’t dramatically different from the regular tubular cast on, but the process is quite different. The Yarn Over Tubular Cast On requires a few extra steps because it starts […]

  • Tubular Cast On Method

    The next CO method I tried was the Tubular Cast On. A lot of knitters swear by this one so I was expecting it to be a perfect stretchy cast on. It’s not bad to work. The process is easy to work and it has the bonus of not having to guesstimate a tail like […]

  • Long Tail Cast On Method

    You know those knitters who always use the same cast on and bind off methods unless the pattern specifies otherwise? Uhm… I am one of those knitters. In an effort to try to break my lazy habits, I’m going to do little series of swatches to compare new techniques. I’m going to start with my […]