Tag: MSI

  • Row Below Increase

    I have to say that these increases keep surprising me. Unlike the Stretchy BOs and Stretchy COs, the majority of these increases are as subtle as advertised. I’m starting to think that when it comes to these increases and stockinette, you can just pick the one that is your favorite to work. I was pretty […]

  • Bar Increase

    The Bar Increase, also known as KFB or KFBL, is a former favorite of mine. I stopped using it and went back to using an M1 because I decided that I wasn’t a fan of the obvious bar. It’s not very invisible and it doesn’t work well in pairs. This increase is handy when you […]

  • Make One

    When it comes to making increases 90% of the time I got for M1s, also known as Strand Increases. They’re so close to invisible that I never took the time to branch out and try many other increases. I have such a hard time seeing them that I don’t even bother paying attention to the […]