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When it comes to making increases 90% of the time I got for M1s, also known as Strand Increases. They’re so close to invisible that I never took the time to branch out and try many other increases. I have such a hard time seeing them that I don’t even bother paying attention to the direction I’m twisting the strand from the row below. I circled the increases because they were hard to see. There is a right leaning M1 and a left leaning M1.



The only downside to this increase method is that it causes the fabric to pull ever so slightly on the row below.


The increases are pretty subtle on the backside, but I don’t think M1s are as invisible on the back as they are on the front. Despite that, it’s easy to work M1s purlwise so I quite like them for reverse stockinette projects.

I’ve never had real problems with M1s, but I’m curious to see if there is something even better out there






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  1. I’ve recently discovered the bar increase without a bar… you knit into the stitch as if you were doing the normal bar increase, without dropping it off the left hand needle. Then insert the right hand needle into the back of the stitch as if you were going to knit it, but don’t knit it, just slip it off the left hand needle, leaving two stitches from one on the right. It works really well! I can’t remember where I first read it, else I would love to credit them!
    I love your designs by the way!

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