Granny Rectangle?

I still had quite a bit of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes leftover after I finished my granny squares. I started playing with rectangular granny’s with the yarn held double and I made myself a little wool rug.



It’s pretty small because I ran out of yarn, but it’s big enough to make a nice bedside rug. It’s probably best that it’s small because I’ll have to wash it in the sink so it doesn’t shrink. The wool does feel really nice underfoot, but I was a little worried about what caring for a bigger rug would be like.



I’m thinking of making another larger rug using acrylic. I just have to decide on the colors. I wanted to make an orange and white one, but I feel like white on a rug is a terrible idea for someone like me.







11 responses to “Granny Rectangle?”

  1. Cute!! I love how your dog has claimed it in the name of corgis.

  2. Are you home again? Bean is soooooooooo cute!!!

    1. Indeed I am!

      1. Welcome home!!!

  3. You can always just throw the rug into the washer and see how much it shrinks. (And then not worry about it) It would be easy to care for at that point.

  4. Bean seems to like it! It looks bright and cheery.

  5. Perfect corgi-size!

  6. So cute! And Bean seems to have claimed it. What a wise pup!

  7. So cute! And Bean seems to have claimed it. What a wise pup!

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