I mentioned in a previous post that I knit my mom a hat for Christmas. Here it is!


It is a badly modified version of the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret. I had made one for me and one for Britta a few years ago and my mom really liked them. (Caution: Those links go to scary bad old blog posts) I had a hard time imagining my mom in a slouchy beret, so I adjusted the pattern to be more beanie like.


I worked less incs on the increase row, but I made sure the number stayed an increment that worked with the cable pattern. That did shift how the cables lined up. Then I started working the decs and I forgot about the mods I made so I when I came to the cable row in the middle of the decreases, I didn’t have the right number of stitches. I had to fudge one of the cables so it is closer to the cable next to it. I don’t think the weird cables are particularly noticeable because the cables weren’t super organized and structured in the original design.


It looks good on my mom too. The shape and color suit her. I ordered the yarn to make myself something, but when it showed up, the color reminded me of my mom so much that I ended up making her the hat. Sometimes yarn makes you change your plans.


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