The Hat of Christmas Past


I knit my mom a hat for Christmas this year thinking that I had never knit her a hat. When I came home from Lancaster, I saw this hat lying around and realized that I had knit her one last year. I just completely forgot about it. I never documented it in anyway. I don’t mention it on Ravelry or in a post here. I have no old FO or WIP photos of it. I barely remember working on it.


It is made out of acrylic because my mom wanted it to wear to the barn in the winter. Horses get everything dirty and I wanted it to be easy to wash.


The swirlies were rather oddly surface crocheted onto the hat after it was finished. I went at them from the side instead of the back so they don’t lay flat like surface crochet normally would and you can see white peeking through. I like the texture they add.

In other news, I leave for England tomorrow and get there Friday. Hopefully I don’t drop off the face of the planet like I did when I went over in October. I have 3 of FOs already photographed among other things so I should be able to force myself to post if I get bad jet lag again or whatever. Cross your fingers that this flight goes a bit more smoothly than my last two.

ETA: I just remembered that the swirlies on the hat were vaguely inspired by the plants in Samorost and/or Samorost 2.



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  1. The swirls are really fun. I hope you have safe travels back to England!

  2. I hope you had a safe trip!

    Those swirls are super! I’ve thought about doing surface crochet, but I suck at crochet in general so I’ve never actually done it. Whoops.

  3. Your hat is so cute! I love those colors together and the swirls remind me of ferns before they uncurl.

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