I took my sister to the yarn store to buy yarn for me to knit her a cowl with and we ended up with yarn for two hats. This one is just a basic beret that imitates a two textured red one that I had made with mohair and merino. This one is Cascade 220 and Cascade Pastaza. I knit it on 4.5mm and 5.5mm because I couldn’t find my 16 inch 5mm needles. I’m not entirely sure where those needles went.


You can probably see in this picture that the hat is in need of a blocking. I was too lazy. I also forgot a decrease and had to ladder down to fix that when I was almost done which is why it’s looking a bit messy. A good wash and blocking should fix that.


I stuck a little bow on it because my hat has one. I should probably tack down the bow a bit better so it doesn’t fold in half.


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