Anaheim – A New Cardigan Pattern

May 22, 2017By Andi

Last summer one of my close friends told me that she had never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I immediately thought, “Well, we better fix that right now!” Every Monday after that, I’d make dinner and we’d watch a few episodes of Buffy. Like most knitters, we enjoyed all of the goofy 90s sweaters … Read More

Outfit Along 2017

May 15, 2017By Andi

Knit a piece. Sew a piece. Make an outfit. June 1st-July 31st. Get ready for the fourth annual Outfit Along! The Outfit Along pairs a sew-along with a knit-along to create a complete outfit that you’ll love, and as always, it’s co-hosted by me and Lauren from LLADYBIRD and will run June 1st through July … Read More

Focus on Wardrobe to Make a Winning Knit

April 28, 2017By Andi

In the past, I’ve struggled with matching my knitting desires up with what I actually wear. I’ve made a lot of progress since then, and here’s how I plan a project using my current wardrobe to guide me. If starting with a pattern (or design idea as is usually my case), I first consider the … Read More

How to Stretch Your Style Comfort Zone

April 20, 2017By Andi

Every so often I get comments saying, “I wish I could wear ___.” Sometime it’s lipstick. Sometimes it’s dresses. Sometimes it’s bright colors. On one hand I feel like if you want to wear something, wear it! On the other hand I know that it can be hard to make the leap from admiring something … Read More

Deciding What to DIY

April 13, 2017By Andi

When it comes to wardrobe gaps, it’s often easy to figure out why they exist. I’m always short on nice looking neutral colored cardigans because I don’t knit them very often and wear them to death when I do. I currently have too few dresses with pockets, but that’s because I only really started finding … Read More