2019 Goals

At the beginning of every years, for most of the life of this blog, I’ve shared my goals for the new years relating to knitting and design work, and I’ve reviewed how I did with the previous year’s goals. At the beginning of this year, I decided to keep things simple and make my only two goals for 2019 to get my sinuses fixed and to go to my friend’s wedding. I got my sinus surgery about a month ago, and that’s healing up well, and I booked my hotel room for my friend’s wedding in October, so I’d say I’m more than halfway done with my goals for the year! Haha!

Here were my 2018 goals and how I did with them.

1. Get my blogging habit back. I did surprisingly well with this for a while! I had a good streak of posting once a week, but it faded off in September because I don’t really know what this space is for these days. When I actually sit down to write, I love it, but the days of having something pop into my head and thinking “I have to blog about that!” are gone. By the end of the year, I was considering officially shutting down the blog because I couldn’t figure out who I was writing for and why (rather than just writing in a private capacity), but it’s hard to let go of something I’ve been doing so long! I’m still undecided and wish I could come up with a clearer picture of what I’m doing with this space.

2. Release at least six new sweater patterns. Waters, Tierney, Populuxe, Crumb, Lewton, and Sorcha!

3. Hit all of my target garment subcategories. My goal was to release a classic cropped cardigan, a full-length sweater, a non-wool summer piece, and an Extra Options pattern. The Extra-Options pattern didn’t get finished in time, so I didn’t quite nail it, but the pattern is still in the works for 2019.

4. Complete one project that’s more than just a pattern. Nope. This didn’t get done. The project as planned involved a lot of photos, and for continuity and lighting, it required large blocks of time in the day when the weather was cooperative, which proved to be challenging when there were patterns to photograph as well and so much other stuff going on.

5. Take a full day off more often. Ahahahaha! I did this a lot because I was sick for 1/3 of the year. It wasn’t as fun and relaxing as I was aiming for.

I didn’t accomplish all of my goals, but I wrote them before I knew that my sinus problems were going to stick around until I got surgery, so I think I did pretty well, overall! Now that I’m feeling a bit better, I’m starting to look at what else I want to do in 2019, beyond my two original goals. I’ve got plans for a pattern collection, which I’m going to start working on after I finish my current WIP, but if it ends up getting pushed to 2020, I’m okay with that! I’d also like to build out the resources section of this site. There are a few big things I’d like to add, and there are things that currently exist spread across old blog posts, which aren’t very easily accessible for knitters who aren’t used to that format. That said, I now am just doing design work on the side, so whatever gets done gets done!







6 responses to “2019 Goals”

  1. JodieB

    I still love reading blogs…they seem like more of a personal conversation, than a random snippet on social media. I admit, I rarely comment but I’m here reading. It’s always interesting to see your process and of course, knitting!

  2. ElaineChicago

    Just enjoy what you’re doing, Andi!! I assume no one is pushing you to make this or that and hurry up for a deadline. I love your patterns and have quite a few of them. Be happy with your self and your work and enjoy life!!

  3. Cheryl Stern

    Hi Andi, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sinus issues are debiliating! You have done well. I took a writing workshop at a veteran’s event that talked about finding the answers in your writing. Maybe blog about the changes in your resource section. Maybe blog about your design process or the structural elements of your designs and how you come up with them. That you days of ‘aha!’ are gone, not to worry. Write something anyway. Your words are encouaging to others. When that happens, their responses are encouraging to you. Maybe move to Instagram. Knitters of Ravelry sends something out almost daily. Make a list of the topics that you blogged about in the early days and write abkut them again. Mix it up a little, keep it interesting for you. Do some mind mapping. I have GREAT confidence in your ability.

  4. Karen machado

    Andi, you have given so many people joy. But only continue posting, etc., if it gives you joy. I truly hope that the surgery will improve your quality of life. As someone who suffered for 30 years with severe sinus issues, I truly have felt your pain and it can ruin your ability to fully enjoy life. Give yourself permission to heal and reassess. You deserve it! You truly are a lovely, talented young woman, who has so much to offer! Thank you for all your creativity!

  5. Oh man, do I relate deeply to your first 2018 goal. Last year I really wanted to write/blog more, but the motivation is just GONE. So what do I do now? Just accept that that’s true? I also find my IG motivation has changed a lot, and I am hesitant to share on that platform like I used to. Is this just the changing landscape of social media? No matter what, glad to know others are in the same boat. xoxoxo.

  6. I completely relate to the whole blogging habit thing. I miss doing it regularly, but the actual motivation for it just isn’t there and doesn’t feel the same anymore. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog (all posts, not just knitting specific) and I love your patterns, so I’m here if you want to continue, but ultimately do what feels right for you. Aim for what makes you happy.

    Hope you feel loads better after you’ve fully recovered from sinus surgery 🙂

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