How to Smooth Out Kinked Yarns and When to Do It

June 20, 2019By Andi

In addition to picking up half-finished projects, this year’s OAL is counting projects in need of a do-over as eligible WIPs. Taking apart a failed knitting project and reworking it into something you love is so satisfying, but dealing with the ramen-noodle-yarn phase is the not-so-fun first step. Yarn that’s been blocked and/or left knit … Read More

How to Find Where You’re at on an Old WIP

June 3, 2019By Andi

Picking up an old work-in-progress sometimes has its challenges if you didn’t leave detailed notes somewhere easy to find! My projects using other designers’ patterns tend to be extremely long term projects that get put on hold for months at a time, so I’ve got a lot of practice trying to work out the mysteries … Read More

Outfit Along 2019 Begins + Resources

June 1, 2019By Andi

The Outfit Along officially begins today! If you haven’t shared your own Outfit Along plans in the OAL thread in the Untangling Knots group or under the hashtag #outfitalong2019, now is a good time to let us know what you’re working on. My own plans for my outfit include a knitting WIP that’s a colorwork … Read More

The Outfit Along 2019

May 15, 2019By Andi

Knit a piece. Sew a piece. Make an outfit. June 1st-July 31st. Get ready for the Outfit Along: WIP Cleanout! The Outfit Along is an annual craft-along thats pairs a sew-along with a knit-along to create a custom outfit, but this year we’re shaking things up and focusing on works-in-progress. The goal this year will … Read More

So You Want to Be a Designer

March 20, 2019By Andi

About a month ago, conversations on Instagram started popping up about why designers were so secretive about how to become a designer. My first thought was that it was a weird complaint because I picked up everything I knew from information shared by other designers, but then I realized that the useful blog and forum … Read More