A messy pile of knit gauge swatches

Excuse the mess! New patterns are still on hiatus, but the Untangling Knots shop is getting some behind the scenes updates. Previously the shop was powered by Ravelry, but recent changes to their website left me wanting better options for Untangling Knots. The new system will still provide the convenience of instant downloads but now allows me to have more control to add a better gifting system right away, and eventually I will be able to add more payment options beyond just PayPal, products other than knitting patterns, and an affiliate program for podcasters and bloggers!

Adding each pattern back to the shop is a slow process, so I appreciate your patience as I make these updates. Many patterns will be temporarily unavailable in July 2020 and will be restored soon.

7/25/2020 Update: All patterns Untangling Knots patterns are now available again through the shop.


  • Thank you so much! I love your patterns and buy them through your store, but I’ve often felt yucky about the Rav connection. I understand that it is financially difficult for designers to leave the site. I hope you’re not on hiatus forever. Your patterns are my favorite!

  • I’m grateful that you’re making sure that all your beautiful patterns are available to us. One of your patterns is my very first attempt at a cardigan. Now my favourite yarn cafe just around the corner is going out of business (surprisingly not due to Covid, but a time for change). I’m buying up yarn, like a mad woman, and keeping several of your patterns in mind while doing so. I’m so grateful for your patterns, your inspirations, and even tho this is no longer your main focus, your dedication to this website and your art. You are an amazing woman and an awesome artist. Thank you for everything you have done and will do in the future.
    I rarely use Ravelry, simply because I used to get my patterns from the shop, Magazines, and books. So I’m not familiar enough with it to have an opinion, but whatever is best for you and your craft, I will support in whatever small ways I am capable of. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my needles ❤️

    • Ravelry recently did a redesign that features some neurological triggers, and I didn’t love that they made such a big change without giving notice because their cart system used to appear on my site. It was a rude surprise but also the motivation I needed to make these good updates.

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