Sweet and Simple




I finished my sweater this weekend, and I love the way it turned out! I had barely enough yarn to finish it, and I got a little worried towards the end, but I got lucky.  So, compared to the original sweater, there are a few obvious changes. The collar is worked in a different direction, and the cables and reverse stockinette are both gone. More subtle changes include better neckline shaping, set in sleeves instead of raglan sleeves, and slightly less full sleeves. I’m really happy with this version of the sweater, and I think I’ll actually wear it now. I just need the weather to cool off first!






8 responses to “Sweet and Simple”

  1. It’s adorable – and definitely an improvement on the previous version!

  2. Dorothy

    Did you make the dress you are wearing in this picture? It’s a really pretty dress!
    The color goes so well with the sweater!

    1. I wish I made it, but my sewing skills are not that great. It came from H&M a few years ago.

  3. Judy

    where can i get the pattern?

    1. It’s not available yet, sorry!

  4. I really like this version. When’s the pattern coming out? 🙂

    1. Thanks! Probably late September or early October.

  5. Cute! I think I’m seeing myself in this in a nice pink. 🙂

    Katie =^..^=

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