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  • Swatching for Loose Gauge Projects

    Loose gauge projects create a wonderful fabric, but swatching for them isn’t exactly straight forward. Loose gauge fabrics have a tendency to wiggle around and stretch more easily than denser knits, and that means that the gauge you get when you measure your swatch that has only been laid out flat isn’t necessarily going to […]

  • A Jar Cozy From a Repurposed Swatch

    I was tidying my desk the other day, and I ran across this swatch from the planning stages of Marion. It’s a version of the cables that I didn’t end up using because the cable crosses happened too rapidly for my taste, but I kept the swatch because I always keep my swatches. Now, how […]

  • A Short Row Sleeve Cap Laid Flat

    Short row sleeve cap construction makes them slightly different than seamed set in sleeve caps, but I never really knew how different they were. Last weekend I put together a flat swatch of the short row sleeve cap from Marion, and I was actually surprised by how similar it is to a traditional sleeve cap. […]