A Short Row Sleeve Cap Laid Flat


Short row sleeve cap construction makes them slightly different than seamed set in sleeve caps, but I never really knew how different they were. Last weekend I put together a flat swatch of the short row sleeve cap from Marion, and I was actually surprised by how similar it is to a traditional sleeve cap. The cap isn’t as curved as a traditional sleeve cap because all of the stitches are evenly distributed, but it’s still less trapezoidal than I expected because the tension of the short rows pulls the cap into a slightly curved shape.

Here you can see what it looked like when worked in the round on a sweater body. The shape of the cap looks a lot more curved when it’s attached to a sweater and on a person.





4 responses to “A Short Row Sleeve Cap Laid Flat”

  1. Thanks for showing this. I’ve been a bit curious about what the different looks between a shortrow and set-in sleeve cap were.

  2. Jessica

    Fabulous! To create this, did you just cast on all the stitches that you would normally pick up from the garment body? I would think so. And then just follow directions as usual to do the short rows? I’d love to try to create a flat short-rowed sleeve cap like this myself.


    1. Yep! It’s really that simple.

  3. Jessica

    That’s great! Thank you

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