A Jar Cozy From a Repurposed Swatch


I was tidying my desk the other day, and I ran across this swatch from the planning stages of Marion. It’s a version of the cables that I didn’t end up using because the cable crosses happened too rapidly for my taste, but I kept the swatch because I always keep my swatches.


Now, how it ended up on my desk over a year later after moving twice, I have no idea, but as I stared at it, I realized that it was the perfect length to get turned into a jar cozy. Normally I’m not a fan of putting cozies on things that don’t need to stay warm, but I like to reuse old peanut butter jars, and I have a hard time getting all of the label off so they’re quite ugly if you don’t cover them up. This particular jar lives on my desk and is filled with cough drops and hard candies and doesn’t deserve to be such an eye sore, so I decided to make it a bit more attractive.


I did a quick crocheted seam up the back, popped it over my jar, and gave myself a pat on the back for actually doing something with an old swatch other than using it as a rag when I spill something on my desk. What do you do with your old swatches?






2 responses to “A Jar Cozy From a Repurposed Swatch”

  1. That is so interesting! Normally I unravel my swatches and use the yarn as part of my project. But I just recently finished one and have no idea what to do with it (it’s not the same yarn I am using for my project, just the same weight). Now I need to find something fun to use it for!

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