Japanese Short Rows

September 24, 2013By Andi

Now these are some beautiful short rows! They’re super smooth and invisible, just as advertised. But sadly, they are a classic case of getting what you give. This is the best looking method I tried, but it was also the least effortless method. Instead of wrapping stitches before you turn, you drop a removable marker … Read More

Shadow Wrap Short Rows

September 17, 2013By Andi

Shadow wraps don’t actually involve wrapping stitches, and that’s the biggest perk to this short row method. At the end of your short row, you knit into the stitch in the row below creating a “shadow” stitch behind the stitch next to it. This functions as your wrap, and it’s knit together with the stitch … Read More

German Short Rows

September 10, 2013By Andi

German short rows are fairly straightforward in concept, but they definitely require a bit of practice. I looked at a handful of YouTube videos for this one, and on the step where you yank your yarn to the back pulling the stitch from the row below across your needle, almost all of the instructions said … Read More

Wrap and Turn Short Rows

September 3, 2013By Andi

This month’s mini series is on short rows! Surprisingly, prior to the swatches I put together for this series, I’d only used W&T short rows. The Knitter’s Handbook, my go-to source for techniques, doesn’t include many short row techniques beyond wrapped and unwrapped, so this became my default choice simply because I didn’t bother looking … Read More