Wrap and Turn Short Rows


This month’s mini series is on short rows! Surprisingly, prior to the swatches I put together for this series, I’d only used W&T short rows. The Knitter’s Handbook, my go-to source for techniques, doesn’t include many short row techniques beyond wrapped and unwrapped, so this became my default choice simply because I didn’t bother looking in other places.


I do actually like this technique a lot. It’s simple to work, and it’s simple to explain. It’s the easiest technique to write when it comes to writing knitting patterns because it is so straightforward; it doesn’t involve digging into the row below or juggling pins. The wraps do create some extra bulk behind the wrapped stitches, but overall, the edge stitches of the short rows aren’t overly distorted so the short rows blend in fairly well. Although it doesn’t create the most invisible transition of all of the techniques I tried, I think this one will stay my favorite.






4 responses to “Wrap and Turn Short Rows”

  1. Thanks for exploring short rows! I have a sweater that I think would benefit from some of them, but it’s in reverse stockinette, and the w&t short rows make a line (it’s knit inside out). I’d like to figure out how to eliminate this, and honestly, I don’t know where to begin!

    1. Have you tried rearranging you stitch and wrap before you knit them together so the wraps end up on the wrong side? Or just don’t pick up your wraps at all? I’ve done both with reverse stockinette, and I typically just leave the wraps for a reverse stockinette short row sleeve cap.

  2. I like doing short rows. I’ve learned a lot of different methods, but I tend to agree that the wrap and turn is the best. The most fun I’ve had doing short rows were Cookie A’s Wedge socks in her book Knit. Sock. Love. These socks are a series of short rows in garter stitch top down. I also took a short row class at Stitches South one year. Unfortunately I can’t find my notes or the class hand ourts.

    Craftsy had a free short row knitting class. Its great, not only because its free, but you can watch it over and over.

  3. I’ve only worked w&t short rows at this point. I look forward to seeing what else is out there.

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