German Short Rows


German short rows are fairly straightforward in concept, but they definitely require a bit of practice. I looked at a handful of YouTube videos for this one, and on the step where you yank your yarn to the back pulling the stitch from the row below across your needle, almost all of the instructions said to pull it tight but not too tight. This was a challenging instruction for me to interpret, and as a result, I have some stitches at the ends of my short rows that are too loose and some that are too tight, so my short rows aren’t especially hard for me to spot.


But with practice, I think this method would be just as invisible as the wrap and turn method. The German short row method has you bring your yarn across your needle as I mentioned, and this is knit together with the stitch it’s next to. The end result is in an arrangement that looks somewhat similar to what you end up with when you pick up and knit your wraps using the wrap and turn method, but you don’t have to fuss with passing stitches back and forth. Wrapping stitches has never bothered me, and with the tension issues I’d have to work my way through to get this method to look nice for me, I just don’t think I’ll be using it very often.






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