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  • A Month of Craft Photos #2

    Did you miss out on the previous Month of Craft Photos or are you looking for something fun to do in April? Heather has put together a new list of daily prompts that start today. Come see what people are up to in the Month of Craft flickr group!

  • Days 23-29 of a Month of Craft Photos

    inspiration from clothes – up close – when i craft – organization – the wrong side – simplicity – my latest fo Today is the last day of a Month of Craft Photos. Thank you everyone who participated and congratulations those of you that made it all the way to the end. I’m going to […]

  • Days 16-22 of a Month of Craft Photos

    texture – last fo i used – craft books – supplies – finishing – crafting accompaniments – contrasts This week was a lot better than last week in terms of photos. You can see some glimpses of the projects I’ve been working on here. The 6th photo, day 21, shows what I did the most […]

  • Day 15 of a Month of Craft Photos

    I’ve reached the point where most of my photos are terrible because I’m just taking them to take one, but I was pleased with this photo. The prompt was “A New SKill” and it reminded me that I had started needle felting a few months ago. I made a little goblin man just to try […]

  • Days 2-8 of a Month of Craft Photos

    These are the photos I took this past week for A Month of Craft Photos. I’ve been ridiculously busy so a lot of these weren’t taken in the greatest light, but I’m pleased with most of them. tools – an old fo – inspiration outdoors – notions – color – materials – challenge Days 7 […]