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Today is the last day of a Month of Craft Photos. Thank you everyone who participated and congratulations those of you that made it all the way to the end. I’m going to continue to keep an eye on the group on Flickr so if you discovered the prompts late you’re more than welcome to give them a try in March. If you’d like to host your own Month of Craft Photos and continue to use the same group, please e-mail me and we can talk about getting you set up as a moderator over there.

This week’s batch of photos is very orange because I’ve been so focused on my orange cabled sweater. This project has made me more aware of how much orange and red stuff I own. I really like warm saturated colors. I’m not sure if my photography has really improved through this, but it’s been fun.





7 responses to “Days 23-29 of a Month of Craft Photos”

  1. These are some lovely photos! One thing you’ve always been able to do though is self-portraits when you model your sweaters or outfits. That’s something I need to improve on.

    1. That one just takes a lot of time and patience. If I take enough pictures the odds are good that there will be a few where both my knitting and I look half decent. =P

  2. Thank you, thank you! This was a fun new challenge…one I truly enjoyed. Thank you for introducing me to it. I don’t have a flikr account, but you can see my photos here:


  3. Love that orange! And thank you for sharing this wonderfully fun idea! It had been fun looking at the different interpretations of each theme you had specified.

  4. I think your pictures look great! (But I liked them a lot before, so I’m not sure if they actually “improved.”)

  5. I didn’t get through the entire month, but I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks again for setting it up!

  6. so so colorful!

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