A Month of Craft Photos #2

Did you miss out on the previous Month of Craft Photos or are you looking for something fun to do in April? Heather has put together a new list of daily prompts that start today.

Month of Craft Photos 2
Come see what people are up to in the Month of Craft flickr group!





4 responses to “A Month of Craft Photos #2”

  1. i fell off about halfway through last time. i’m gonna try it again.

    1. I’m doing the opposite! I made it all the way through last time and now I’m going to play along again expecting to fall off halfway through.

  2. Oooooh tempting if T hadn’t broken my camera lens yesterday……

  3. Last time, i was impressed of the pictures, now i join your group. Maybe my motivation for sewing come back with the impression and inspiration by others craft photos.

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