Tag: MHM2016

  • Krampus

    Halloween is a few days away, and after that is the beginning of Christmas madness, which fits perfectly with my last evil toy movie, Krampus. After being taunted by his cousins at an unpleasant family dinner, a little boy accidentally brings the curse of Krampus onto his family, and things turn dark. Some of Krampus’s […]

  • Dead of Night

    Whenever I make these list, I always try to include at least one older movie because not only are those still fun movies, but it’s a fun reminder that everything has been around forever in horror. The 80s are kind of king when it comes to evil toy movies, but Dead of Night from 1945 […]

  • Child’s Play

    I spent a long time debating whether or not to include Child’s Play on this list. I usually try to avoid the obvious choices, but Chucky is one of the most iconic evil toys, and I think many people might have forgotten that the franchise started out played straight. You were really supposed to be […]

  • Dead Silence

    It’s my favorite time of year! October is when I let myself blog about my favorite thing to watch while knitting: B-horror. For the last five years, I’ve shared some of my favorite bad b-horror movies once a week for the whole month. I call it the Month of Horrible Movies. The first year had […]