Child’s Play

I spent a long time debating whether or not to include Child’s Play on this list. I usually try to avoid the obvious choices, but Chucky is one of the most iconic evil toys, and I think many people might have forgotten that the franchise started out played straight. You were really supposed to be scared of this little doll, and it wasn’t until after the first movie that the franchise realized that Chucky was more silly than scary.

Child’s Play starts with a shoot-out between a cop and a serial killer in a toy store. As the killer lays dying, he does a voodoo spell to transfer his soul into a nearby talking doll. The doll is given to a little boy, who he tells his name is Chucky. Even though he could easily hide out as a doll without attractive suspicion, Chucky can’t resist killing, and the little boy who owns him starts to get the blame for the deaths. The boy insists the doll is alive, but no one believes him, including his mother until she discovers that the talking doll has no batteries inside.






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