Dead Silence

It’s my favorite time of year! October is when I let myself blog about my favorite thing to watch while knitting: B-horror. For the last five years, I’ve shared some of my favorite bad b-horror movies once a week for the whole month. I call it the Month of Horrible Movies. The first year had no theme, but the second year was all about trashy vampire movies. The third year’s theme was mid-century horror movies, and the fourth year of MHM was about ghosts and haunted houses. And last year was focused on creature features. This year is going to be on a classic irrational fear: toys. I’ve got movies with puppets, dolls, and even evil teddy bears in the line up.

Let’s kick things off with a movie featuring creepy dummies! Dead Silence is a movie that I had seen screenshots of all over the place, but it took me some time to figure out where exactly they came from. I finally found out that it was James Wan‘s followup to Saw. It looks super scary, right? But it’s not. This is the story of a cursed ventriloquist doll that leads to death wherever it goes because it’s original owner was mocked for moving her mouth while performing and is forever looking for revenge. It’s so over the top that it’s absurd, which I have to assume is an intentional throwback to old b-horror movies. Dead Silence is a little on the gory side, but the aesthetic is nice and spooky. It’s great for an October night’s knitting entertainment.






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