Tag: From A to Z

  • Photobombed by the Horse Again

    I took the pattern photos for From A to Z at my parents’ house, down by the barn, and Oliver decided that he should once again star in my pattern photos. I thought I had found a spot where he couldn’t get into the frame of the picture, but I quickly realized that I was […]

  • New Pattern: From A to Z

    My monogrammed sweater pattern is finally available! Designing this sweater was a fun challenge because I wanted it to be totally seamless, but I also wanted it to have pockets. It took a little experimenting, but the solution, picking up stitches from the pocket lining as I knit the body, turned out to be easier […]

  • Just Add Buttons

    My cardigan is finished and blocked. All that’s left to do is to sew on a few buttons. I even have the right size in my button stash! I think this sweater will get worn excessively, and I’m really glad that I didn’t make it even more kitschy like I was originally planning on doing. […]

  • Button Band Time!

      I’m so close to finishing this sweater! This weekend I sat down with a glass of iced jasmine-green tea, put on Game of Thrones, and got to work on the button band. I was hoping to get all of the ends woven in and to block the sweater, but I didn’t get quite that […]

  • A Vlog on My Sweater Sleeve Mistake

    I finished knitting the first sleeve on this cardigan, but I had to frog it. I’m not having the most successful week ever when it comes to crafting, but it’s not the end of the world.