Tag: frogging

  • Unruly Freshly Frogged Yarn

    There was a slight delay in my knitting progress due to the fact that the upper back of my sweater looked like this. That should be a sea of smooth stockinette, but what you see is the weird result of knitting with frogged yarn. I’ve knit many projects with frogged yarn before, and this has […]

  • Sweater Cravings

    After knitting all of the accessories for my collection and a few for some secret work, it feels like I haven’t knit a sweater for months even though it’s only been a handful of weeks since I finished the sweater in my collection. I’m being good and prioritizing patterns with deadlines, the lay out for […]

  • A Final Farewell

    I was going to frog this sweater a week or two ago, but some deadline knitting came up, and this guy got put on hold. This morning when I started to unpick the weird post-knitting fixes I made, I decided I needed to give this sweater a final farewell in its natural state. It’s three […]