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After knitting all of the accessories for my collection and a few for some secret work, it feels like I haven’t knit a sweater for months even though it’s only been a handful of weeks since I finished the sweater in my collection. I’m being good and prioritizing patterns with deadlines, the lay out for my collection, and tech editing and test knitting my Letterman sweater and green cardigan, but I’m itching to get a new sweater on my needles. I think I’m a sweater knitter as heart. I like making accessories, but I don’t find them nearly as satisfying, and I don’t crave them quite like I do sweaters. I have friends who are like that about socks or hats, and that got me wondering if most knitters have a particular project they’re drawn to above others. Do you have a single type of project that you can’t go too long without knitting?





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  1. I almost always have to have something lacey and something sweaterey going on! I like both kinds of projects for different reasons, and always end up coming back to them 🙂

    1. Elisabeth

      Yes, I can relate to that – something lacey to keep the brain occupied and a sweater project because its sooo satisfying to see it growing 🙂

  2. Sweater knitting here too…. *shocker*

  3. I have a sweater on the needles too! I always have a pair of socks for purse knitting, then a ton of other projects to keep me knitting forever.

  4. It’s funny that you posted about this because yesterday I was thinking, “I like knitting sweaters and hats equally but I feel like most people on Ravelry knit mainly one type of project. Am I weird?”

  5. I go through stages, but I come back to socks the most. I’ve found that I’ve got one or two sweaters in me a year, but the rest of the year I like knitting accessories.

  6. I like to knit socks but I really love knitting sweaters. I’m not doing a log of knitting this year (I’ve been sewing like a madman) but I’m already working on my third sweater of 2013.

  7. Manny

    Pre-sweater-knitting, I used to be crazy about hats. I haven’t knitted one in a long time, but hey, how many hats does one head need? (I’m pretty selfish about giving away hand-knitted stuff.) It’s inevitable that a hat will fall out when I open my closet. Lately, I’ve been getting more and more into sweater making as I’ve become more comfortable with the process and amount of time it takes to knit it. Maybe this is just me or this is an actual phenomenon, but I feel that once I’ve gotten over a certain learning curve with regards to making items, I no longer see the instant gratification of smaller projects as enough for me; I become better mentally equipped to deal with longer projects.

    1. I’m definitely fond of accessories; in fact, in the past I have made more than I ever wear! As I became more experienced in knitting I made more sweaters though. Cardigans are my favourite knits to wear but I have made the fewest of them, probably because there are so many pieces – ?

      1. Manny

        Cardigans are definitely my favourite pieces to wear because of their versatility, but I don’t have many either. Like you said, it’s probably just the number of pieces required to make one, although Andi’s awesome seamless design definitely eradicates that problem!

  8. Sarah

    Cardigans!! I love ’em! Vests come in second place.

  9. I’m definitely a sweater knitter. I love socks, too, but mainly I want to make them when I’m traveling or between sweaters. I like all of the planning that goes into sweaters and the pile of yarn you need for them! And when it comes to designing, I have visions of sweaters dancing in my head constantly!

    Yay sweaters!

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